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7 March
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o hay! :D

I'm kei, and here's a generic little bio about me!

My two lovers are named Fashion and Music, and they're both Japanese. Fashion: she's anything from Sweet/Gothic lolita to punk to decora...the kinds of things you'd find in FRUiTS, KERA, or Gothic& Lolita Bible. And Music: he's J-rock all the way. Most indies Vkei, but I enjoy some "mainstream" jrock as well. But to tell you the truth, as long as it's good rock, it doesn't matter the language. These two loves have inspired and influenced me in everything I've done over the years, and will continue to motivate me to become a fashion designer, and maybe a model. And maybe, a vocalist in a Japanese band? Haha, right.

*cliche mirror pic will not be there for long, so fear not, I say!

I also have a selling journal where I sell cutesy Japanese clothes/accesories and stuff; please check it out when you have time @ prettygraffitti

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